Mission, principles, objectives

bullets Mission

To develop and promote ports in the maritime sector of the Danube, to integrate them into River, sea, road and rail transport routes, to promote fluvial-maritime trade through providing competitive port services that respect the community and the environment.

bullets Principles

  • Efficiency and operability in managing the integrated management system;

  • Implementation of management through objectives and performance standards;

  • Respecting the fundamental principles of corporate management;

  • Implementation of established objectives set with respect to the quality and environmental requirements;

  • Ensuring administrative and decision-making transparency in the internal and external environment;

  • Compliance with national laws and regulations at national level as well as European Union legislation;

  • Developing an organizational culture on performance and risk management;

  • Providing quality, safe and cost-effective services to the clients of the company;

  • Fairness, accountability, respect in our relationship with our clients;

  • Initiation and development partnerships with national and international organizations based on the "Win - Win" principle;

  • Successful planning, professional competence through training and continuous training;

  • Safety, health at work and preventio of occupational hazards;

  • Promoting operational practices measures designed to reduce the environmental impact associated with the activities carried out within the of the company.

bullets Objectives 2018

Efficiency and effectiveness of operation
  • Ensuring the functionality of shipping infrastructure by repairing and maintenance activities that lead at least to maintain minimum technical characteristics.

  • The realization of investments using own sources and/or drawn in view of modernization shipping infrastructure and realization of new port infrastructure.

  • Providing adequate and competitive port services, respecting legal provisions and the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination.

  • Promotion of ports located on the maritime Danube sector and their integration into the transportation routes by river, sea, rail and national and international road.

  • Optimizing the consumption of material and financial resources, in According to the activities and services offered to clients.

  • Maintaining financial balance through a proper budgetary control.

  • Implementation of effective management practices in the field of human resources management within the company, by improving the professional competencies and motivating the employees of the company, ensuring a correct and pertinent operational performance assessment system.

  • Use forecast documents (strategies, plans, programs) and improving the monitoring and control processes of all activities within the company.

  • Reducing the negative environmental impacts caused by river transport activities and implementation specific measures aimed to improve the quality, environment, safety and health aspects of work.

The reliability of internal and external information
  • Optimal monitoring of budget execution, in line with operational needs.

  • Developing prevention and control activities to protect resources allocated against waste, abuse, errors or fraud.

  • Ensuring the reliability of information used in the company / disseminated to third parties.

Compliance with the laws, regulations and internal policies.
  • Appropriate implementation of the regulatory framework and standards through policies, procedures and documents of compliance.