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Non-propelled vessel used for the collection/treatment/ temporary storage of ship waste and for intervention in case of major oil pollution incidents on the Danube;

Waste types:
Garbage, separated waste: paper, glass, metal, plastic, sludge, oily and greasy ship waste, used batteries, used oil filters, dirty oily wiping cloth, contaminated metal packaging, bilge water, waste oil, domestic waste water;

Schedule: non-stop;

Useful information:

Location : Commercial Port - berth no. 15
Position : Km. 150, left bank of the Danube
Area covered: stationary collection point;

Technical features :

Length: 51 m
Width: 10 m
Height: 3 m
Minim draught: 1,5 m
Deadweight: 681 t


- Oil separator type MARKLEEN OSWU 16 Norway capable of operating in two situations:
I. Combating accidental pollution: 57.6 mc/h
II. Separating bilge water collected from vessels: 5 m3/h - Separation degree: 5 ppm
- Bilge water storage tank: 47,8 cu m
- Hydrocarbon residues storage tank: 15,4 cu m
- Recirculating water storage tank: 15,4 cu m
- Skimmer Pump: 70 m3 /h capacities
- remote control hydraulically operated vertically considering the hydrocarbon film thickness and taking it over from the inside of the area limited by the inflatable barrage
- Waste water purifier type HAMWORTHY ST 50 C SUPER TRIDENT:
- Capacity: 3 cu m/h
- Storage tank for domestic waste water: 45,1 cu m
- Inflatable dam:
- 200 ml length
- Total height 900 mm
- Draft 600 ml
- Freeboard 300 mm
- The buoyancy environment: air
- Material: polyurethane rubber 1080
- The stack is filled with air by means of an electric exhaust.